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Marching into Spring

Posted 3/4/2013 4:02pm by Tom & Linda Schwarz.

Hello All!

So far this year we've been keeping pretty busy with spring plantings and harvesting all sorts of yummy stuff. We're about done with spinach for the time being, so you'll notice that winding down. We seem to be holding steady as far as lettuce goes. One unexpected increase has been in the sugar pea green department. Who knew people would love them so much? We've had a hard time keeping up, in fact. You see, when the stores unexpectedly order more than they usually do, we adjust our planting schedule to keep up, but the peas take two weeks to grow, so this week we will harvest approximately what we thought we would need two weeks ago. See the problem? It's been an interesting process, but PEAS be patient with us (so punny), we will catch up and reach equilibrium eventually.

In other news, we had a light dusting of snow this month. And by that I mean:

It snowed kind of a lot. BUT! For all of you nay-saying city dwellers who thought, "Ugh. I hate snow. It's cold and a pain in the butt and I want it to be spring," remember that this snow equaled about 1" of rain, which we DESPERATELY need. In addition, it will help slow up the heating process this spring, hopefully mitigating this blechy drought we've been experiencing. At least, that is what the state meteorologist tells me. AKA, this snow may have delayed the spring, but an early spring means an extra long hot dry summer, which is NOT a good thing. Not for the peeps who grow your food, anyway. So keep your chin up! Spring will come as it always does. Just try to think of all the delicious food that is preparing to make its way to your table!

On to less chilling news (ugh, the puns), I thought I should show you some of the de-lish herbs we've been selling lately:


Ok, so I had more but they wouldn't upload and it was driving me crazy, so it will just have to wait.

Instead I'll tell you a story. This morning I was walking toward the greenhouse when I spotted these paw prints. Not just any paw prints, but MOUNTAIN LION prints. Not just one, either. There were THREE of them. Three different sizes. Like a mama and her two babies. Or a dad and mom and baby or something. Here's the proof:

I swear my fingers don't look that fat in real life. Oh, well. The point is those prints are pretty big.

Isn't that crazy, though? Every night these giant cats just roam around, hanging out at our place. Eating our turkeys or something.

...I wish they'd eat our pigeons.

Have a great day!

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