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The aphids are coming! The aphids are coming!

Posted 1/2/2013 4:23pm by Tom & Linda Schwarz.

Hello everyone. It's about that time of the year where our carrots are frozen into the ground and the aphids decide it's time to come inside and feast on our lovely greens (But really, can you blame them? They're so delicious). We're also about to come upon conference season!

Next week we have the Great Plains Growers Conference in St. Joseph, Missouri. I'm personally excited for their series of lectures on marketing, etc. One down side, their trade show is a lot smaller than MOSES, which translates to less free stuff and fewer samples. Alas...we will probably survive.

I suspect that most people find the idea of sitting in a room for chunks of time listening to people drone on about soil fertility and greenhouse construction to be a rather dull use of their time, but I find them rather interesting. Basically you go to learn from other peoples' mistakes and triumphs. We get to hear about new ideas and techniques and hang out with our friends at Four Season Tools, where we get all of our greenhouses. That's always a fun time.

I actually prefer GPGC to MOSES because, while MOSES is larger, GPGC is more geared toward our region (Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska), while MOSES focuses on the Northern U.S. like Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. You wouldn't think there is that much of a difference, but seriously...have you ever BEEN to Minnesota? It's NOT like Nebraska. It makes sense that the diseases, insect problems, crops, and techniques are all a little different from region to region. But I will say that I like the fact that MOSES offers row crop seminars, because I enjoy going to those. But all in all, the folks at GPGC are my peeps.

In other news, we had a blizzard the week before Christmas, and most of our low tunnels blew away or tore. We'll see if we can salvage some carrots from the mess. I hope we can. I love carrots.

Otherwise, we've had a pretty calm holiday season. We've started to up our Micro Green production and have sent out 1 oz packages to some of our Hy-Vee stores. My favorite micro green is a variety of swiss chard called "bright lights." It's a multi-colored delight.

Hope you get the chance to try some one day!


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