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Vampire Free Zone

Posted 7/25/2013 2:41pm by Tom & Linda Schwarz.

Hello friends,

A couple of weeks ago we pulled up the garlic we planted last October.


When garlic is ready (the leaves start to die and the cloves are well difined within the heads), you loosen the soil (we used a broadfork but I've heard of people using spades) and dig 'em up.

Then you put them on racks to dry. You have to make sure that there is airflow on all sides of the garlic heads. Then you let them cure for about 2 weeks.


When the garlic is cured, the skins will be dry. Then you cut the necks back to about 1 inch and trim the roots and BAM. No mo' vampires. And maybe some delicious food.

Fun stuff, eh?

Look out for our garlic in stores in a couple of weeks!


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